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Dariko Drinks Wine

Wine Educator & Tour Planner,
Georgian Wine Expert, WSET 3

Gamarjoba, fellow wine friends! My name is Daria (Dariko) Kholodilina. I live in Tbilisi, the capital of the beautiful country of Georgia - you might also know it as a cradle of wine!

I've been living here since 2013, working in tourism and marketing first, and moving towards wine in 2017.

I plan and organize wine tours, help wineries get more exposure online, develop their tourism offers, host tastings, and do wine training and master classes in-person and online.


I also write much about Georgian wine on my Instagram - please pass by!

My Expertise

Georgian wine: as a Georgian wine expert,
I host tastings, master classes, and lectures, conduct Georgian wine crash courses,  do staff training; and organize and plan wine tours and events.

International wine: I've got WSET 3 with Distinction and at the moment,
I collaborate with the European wine importer in Tbilisi, Georgia

More details

After working in Georgian tourism for 4 years, in 2017 I became the co-author of the guidebook "Georgia: A Guide to the Cradle of Wine" which is a part of the Vinologue series established by Miquel Hudin.

Since 2018, I've been organizing private, custom wine tours under the Trails and Wines brand.

I have extensive experience in hosting Georgian wine master classes - among other events, I had the honour to talk about Georgian wine at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018, Berlin Travel Festival 2018, ITB Berlin 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2022.

I collaborated with international organizations such as GIZ as a wine tourism expert in several projects.

The Georgian Sommelier Association granted me the status of the Georgian Wine Expert in 2023, and the National Tourism Award "Welcome to Georgia" proclaimed me the Georgian Wine Ambassador in 2022.

In 2024, I received the Emerging Talent in Wine Award from the IWSC (the International Wine and Spirits Competition) and the WSET 3 Award with Distinction.


Contact Me

If you are interested in Georgian wine as a wine enthusiast, bar owner, importer, educator, or journalist, I'll be happy to assist you.

If you are a Georgian winemaker who needs ideas for tourism or social media, or wants your wines to be presented at an event or a fair in English, German, or Ukrainian - დამიკავშირდით - ქართულადაც ვსაუბრობ :)

Email: daria.kholodilina[at]


YouTube: Dariko Drinks Wine

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